My name is Ola Stodółka, I live in Kraków, and I am a designer. I am also a woman, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a friend. Fashion is my passion and my profession. I have come to know it well, when I was studying fashion design and clothing technology. For six years, I have been working for the biggest Polish clothing company, in which I have been designing clothes. Some of them are probably hanging right now in your wardrobe. In 2017, I founded the UADO brand, as I have my own idea for fashion, which I want to develop with you.

UADO was created out of the need to make wearer-friendly clothes, out of the belief that fashion can be wise and change the world, out of the respect for nature and organic quality, as well as out of the delight in beauty and perfection of simple forms. During its first year of operation, the brand has become a fashion circle of women warriors fighting for human-, animal- and environment-friendly world. It celebrates natural womanhood through graphics about sisterhood and body positivity. It honours traditional art by promoting the craft of embroidery that has become its hallmark. It places importance on conscious consumerism by using environmentally friendly textiles and by producing locally.


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