1. When will my order be sent?

We process all orders immediately. If you have not received an email confirming the status change to “Processing” or “Sent” within 24 hours from making the order and paying for it, make sure to contact us via email: olastodolka@uado.pl

2. Have you received my transfer?

Orders paid for by a traditional transfer are packed the moment we receive your payment to our bank account. We confirm order status change with an email sent to the address you provided during shopping.

3. Can I change something in my order?

We can change everything in your order. We will correct the telephone number, address you provided, or the selected parcel locker. However, it has to happen before transferring the goods for packaging. If you spot a mistake, contact us via email with the order number and a short description of the problem: olastodolka@uado.pl

4. Have you received my return package at your warehouse?

Every day we process all the received returns. After the warehouse scans the package and confirms that all the goods are consistent with the form, we update the system and pass the information to our accountant. All transfers are made within 7 days from receiving the return package.

5. How long will I wait for the package?

If you selected Dotpay online payment method, the package will be on its way to you on the next working day. If you pay by a traditional transfer, you can wait a bit longer, but not much (up to 3 working days).

6. What are the available payment options?

Our online store accepts three payment methods:

1. Dotpay fast transfer (payment with Visa and Mastercard cards)

2. Traditional transfer

3. Payment on personal collection in the store

If you select option no. 2 at check-out, we will make a reservation for the selected product for the next 5 days. If the payment does not come through, after this time, the order will be automatically cancelled.

7. Can I change the method of payment for the order?

Our menu does not offer such an option. However, if you email olastodolka@uado.pl swiftly, we will cancel the order, and you can make a new one with the desired payment method.

8. There was an error during processing payment for the order. What should I do?

The solution is simple. If this happens, you can make a transfer to our bank account. You can also contact us, cancel the order, and make a new one.

9. How long do I wait for the money for returned goods?

As soon as the return package reaches our warehouse, we will check if everything is in order and inform you about it. We have 7 working days to do so. If the return is accepted, we will immediately transfer the funds to your account.

10. Why have I not received funds return on my account?

Check the current location of your package using its shipment number. If we have accepted it and more than 7 days have passed, please contact our Customer Service. We will make solving this problem our priority!


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